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Classic Campers and                  Vehicles

By Warren Petkovsek


Hello, fellow RV enthusiasts!  I have a few pictures I’d like to share with you.  I started collecting pictures of old RVs and tow vehicles a few years ago.  Why?  Well, a few years ago my wife and I were camped next to a couple that were on their first camping trip in a beautiful and fully restored 1946 Spartan Manor travel trailer.  They just picked it up from the restoration shop and were on their “shakedown” trip.  Naturally, they were ready to show it off.  We got the grand tour both inside and out.  The old Spartan was, truly, a thing of beauty.  WHY DIDN’T I GET ANY PICTURES?!!!  (‘Banging my head against the wall right about now.)  We also didn’t get any pictures of the 1943 Ford (That’s right, Ford) Army Jeep that was a veteran of WW II and was a dingy towed behind a motor home.  Then there was the 1968 Land Rover with an overdrive on every gear and the transfer case giving it sixteen gears forward and four in reverse.  You guessed it.  ‘No pictures of that either.

OK.  I’m done chastising myself for the moment.  Moving forward, I’ve decided to post some pictures of some classic campers, cars and trucks.  I started out just taking pictures of trailers, motor homes and tow vehicles, but I decided to include a few old vehicles that have nothing to do with RVing at all.  I just thought they were too cool to leave out.  I had to rely on the owners to tell me the year and in some cases I think they may have been guessing.  Still, I got as much historical data as possible on each vehicle.  I’m just not including everything here. 

Well, if you’re ready here we go! (Click on each link to see the picture)

1.    60s vintage Shasta

2.    60s vintage Holiday Traveler

3.    1961 Scottish (NOT Scotty)

4.    1962 Studebaker Hawk GT

5.    1959 Studebaker Lark.  This classic had two big exhaust pipes and a nice rumble.

6.    1970 Cox Camper with original canvas (‘Really nice & garage kept.)

7.    1970 VW Bus Camper

8.    60s vintage Trav-Lite towed by a Harley Davidson

9.    1963 Mobile Scout

10.  1967 Cricket by Davron.   It was given to the current owner by his grandfather and, as far he knows, is one of four left in the world.

11.  1970 GMC Motor Home.  I was told that these were built on the Oldsmobile Toronado chassis and had front wheel drive.

12.   1977 (?)  Serro Scotty Sportsman.  I thought it would be from the 60s, but the owner told me ’77.

13.  1984 Airstream Motor Home.  This is only the second one I’ve ever seen.  The owner is a diesel tech and is building up a 5.9 liter Cummins to replace the big gas V-8.

14.  20 + year old F-150 belonging to a Marine Corps F/A-18 squadron in Beaufort, SC.  It’s painted to match their jets.  ‘If only it could talk.

15.  Early 60s Serro Scotty

16.  Early 50s vintage Ford F-2.  This was the F-250 of its day.

17.  Early Wyoming RV near Devil’s Tower.

18.  WW II Jeep in Normandy.  We saw this on a European vacation in 2007.

19.  Original MINI Cooper in Lucerne, Switzerland.

20.   1959 Volvo in Salzburg.

21.  Homemade hybrid.  The owner assembled this from parts of three different campers in a bone yard. 

22.  Homemade motor home built on a 30s era Dodge chassis.  This served as a sign for a campground in Hatch, Utah.

23.   ‘Old trailer at Canton, Texas

24.  ‘Another old trailer at Canton, Texas

25.  Trailer on a trailer.  I’m not sure why someone would do this unless maybe there wasn’t a title for the camper & they couldn’t get a license plate for it.  Just my guess.  I hope they got exactly what they wanted.

Well, that’s all for now.  It may, in fact, be all that you can stand.  I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  There may be some more later.

Happy trails!

     Warren Petkovsek has been an avid RVer for decades.  He lives in Lumberton, Texas with his wife, Myra.  A former teacher, band director and professional musician, Warren is now retired from the petrochemical industry.  In addition to being a freelance writer he is also a school volunteer, a Texas State Park volunteer and has been a Boy Scout Leader for many years.

     Warren would be delighted to answer any RV related questions that you may have and he can be contacted at wpetko@sbcglobal.net .  


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